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Welcome to The Party Junction.

Our Mission has been to create an environment for the use of our upscale home where people could enjoy themselves and have a really great time.

Other parties we have attended made us feel uncomfortable because of unbalances. After hearing other couples complaining over the same unbalances the idea of a much better party was born. Thus The Party Junction

Imagine going to an adult play party where you find the ratio of men to women equal. We actually pride ourselves on an even ratio experience. Why? because its our desire to ensure that all play and have a good time.

With that being our goal we find our guests thanking us time after time and asking us "when is the next party this one was great"! We knew we were on to something and could show care, concern and generosity to other play couples as they sought out the best play space for fun and leisure.

To that we say, "why eat table scraps when you can dine at the banquet table".... as we try our best for you. The Party Junction has the right party for you.

Please enter our website to learn more about our parties. Within the site you can reserve a slot in an upcoming party. Once you make your reservation you will receive your own confirmation email. The email will provide our party address.

You and yours will be confirmed and feel like you have just been called down as the next contestant on the price is right. Other couples and your gracious host are awaiting you.

See you at the party!!!

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